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                                  Welcome to my little "museum" of computers from 80's                          
  I chose to keep these models because they marked my youth.
I owned many other (Commodore 128, Amiga 500, 4000 ...) but I selected the most interesting

ATARI VCS (2600)  :  I've never had it but a cousin had one. I spent hours playing it (Asteroids, Pac-Man, Night Driver ...) and I dreamed of having one. The games were already a little "cheesy" but very playable.

TI 99/4A
:  The first computer arrived in my family. Connected to the living room TV, it allowed to play game cartridges and  to program my own games in BASIC. I learned the joys of coding on this computer.

Commodore 64
: A revolution! Graphics capability, sound, programming and thousands of games available made it, for me, probably the most exciting computer I had.

Amiga 1000 : A precursor of the computer as it is currently known. Mouse, color, desk, hard drive, multitasking, 3D video ... In 1986, he can do everything.

Enjoy your visit!